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On Line Sports Gambling - Baseball Success is a Value Quest

On line sports gambling excitement is at an all time high for the opening of the 2010 Major League Baseball sports gambling season.

On line sports gambling handicappers have suffered through a cold winter in eager anticipation for the sports gambling opportunities that have finally arrived with America’s National Pastime. As the 2010 on line sports gambling season gets underway it is important to remember what separates the winners from the losers at baseball betting.  It comes down to one word:  VALUE!

A quick glance at the 2009 on line sports gambling records reveals that a team’s reputation “on the street” often fails to equate to what their actual board value truly is.

The Chicago Cubs are a great sportsgambling example from last year as a team that was completely over-valued.  The Cubs entered 2009 as the defending National League Central Division champions and as heavy favorites to repeat.

The problem is that those expectations were so high that the Cubs were one of the biggest money losers on the board despite having an overall record of 83-78.  True, Chicago was expected to win well over 90 games but those expectations were so high that any time they lost it was a devastating setback to gamblers.

Another on line sports gambling commodity that is constantly hyped are the New York Mets.  The Mets have an aging roster of big name players and throw a lot of money at them but that has not equated into success on the field or on the board.  Few teams offer more hype and less value than the Mets.

On the other had there were two on line sports gambling commodities from 2009 that brought better than expected value.

The Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants emerged as two of the biggest money winners on the board as expectations were low as the general public was putting their money on the better known and hyped teams like the Cubs and Mets.

To have on line sports gambling success with baseball NEVER overpay with a team, no matter how good they are.  Look for power road underdogs with good pitching, avoid overlays of $200 or more, and strive to avoid betting with the general public.