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Sports Gambling on Basketball

There was a time not so long ago that the prospect of great sports gambling in the Olympic basketball competition was a cruel joke.

But with the decline of the US men’s team and the rise of many talented teams around the world the sports gambling in the basketball competition should be one of the highlights of the Olympic online sports gambling in August. And with just weeks before the sports gambling officially kicks off there several teams which stand out among the other as top contenders for the most high profile of the online sports gambling events.

The US will again enter the sports gambling competition as the favorite to reclaim the gold -something the team hasn’t done since the Sydney online sports gambling action in 2000. As the rest of the world has advanced the US team has seemed to regress in the sports gambling competition.

But with Coach K at the helm and personnel guru Brian Colangelo in charge of assembling the team, the US squad this year looks to be the best squad the US has sent to the sports gambling in years. Led by LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony this will be a balanced squad that can score on online sports gambling opponents at will.

One major concern, however, is a lack of depth at center, a key position in the Olympic sports gambling.  Spain, the number ranked team in the world by FIBA will be among the sports gambling favorites as well, and with Jose Calderon and Pao Gasol, could very well beat the US squad if they meet in a sports gambling match up.

The Spanish team is the best in Europe and will likely present the biggest problem in the US quest to return to Olympic sports gambling dominance.  But Spain is hardly the only team with the US and Olympic sports gambling gold in its sights.

Argentina, the defending world Champion could also easily crush the US hopes of Olympic sports gambling glory. Led by Manu Ginobili this is a very craft team that is very hard to beat.

Italy and Greece both also have an outside shot at Olympic online sports gambling gold but look for either the US, Spain or Argentina to be the sports gambling champ in Beijing.