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No Value on the Dodgers in Sports Gambling

Sports gambling value on the Los Angeles Dodgers has been almost nonexistent this season.

The Dodgers have won the past two National League West titles but they have been floundering in last place and have been one of the worst online sports gambling values. Sports gambling odds still favor the Dodgers more often than not.

Sometimes it takes the MLB betting oddsmakers and the public a while to adjust to a team either rising or falling.  The Dodgers still have some talent, a great manager in Joe Torre and a great tradition but they have been struggling vs. the sports gambling odds.  The team has ownership issues as owner Frank McCourt is going through a divorce.

The front office seems more of a mess than ever before.  Frank McCourt bought the team in 2004 and his wife, Jamie was the CEO of the team until her husband fired her last October.  Jamie then filed for divorce.  Frank McCourt said the divorce is not affecting the management of the team.

“The divorce case is separate and apart from the business activities of the team,” the McCourt Group said, “The Dodgers’ goal is a world championship, and that is the focus. The divorce has not and will not distract the entire Dodgers organization from the pursuit of that goal.” The performance of the team says otherwise.

This year the Dodgers have been in last place in the National League West and that is an unfamiliar sports gambling place.  The Dodgers have made the playoffs four times since 2004. They set a team attendance record of 3.8 million in 2006.

The Dodgers brought in Joe Torre for the 2008 season and they have done nothing but win vs. the online sports gambling odds, until now. This year the team has had injuries, poor play and the divorce hanging over their head.

“Our job is separate from that, we’re here to win ballgames, not concern ourselves with something we really don’t control,” Torre said.

The front office did nothing in the off-season to improve the team and the sports gambling results this season so far have been poor.   Manny Ramirez, Vincente Padilla and Rafael Furcal have been injured and that has also hurt their Dodgers in terms of their sports gambling results.

The first month of the season is over and perhaps the Dodgers will turn things around but the early sports gambling results have not been encouraging.