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NFL Sports Gambling Teams in 2008

After falling from season picks by online sports gambling fans this team fell on hard times in one of the weakest divisions in sports gambling.

In a league riddle with parity it’s hard for an NFL team to stand out in the sports gambling. But the good news is that even if a team has a down year when it comes to the online sports gambling, it generally doesn’t take long for them to get back on top of the sports gambling.

This year in the NFL there will be more than a handful of teams that missed the cut for the NFL playoffs last season but will turn it around in 2008 and get back to the sports gambling post season.  One team that sports gambling fans should keep an eye on is the New Orleans Saints.

Expect this team to bounce back in the 2008 NFL sports gambling season. It’s simply too talented not to be in the playoffs, it could face some tough competition from both Carolina and Tampa Bay in the sports gambling, but the team that makes it out of this division, could do some damage in the NFC sports gambling playoffs.

Another team that will be vastly improved from last season is the Miami Dolphins, a team that makes the most improved sports gambling list almost by default. If this team were to win two games in the upcoming online sports gambling season, it would double its win total of 2007 -that’s how bad this team was last sports gambling season.

But this team will be better in the upcoming online sports gambling season, much better. With a new football regime, some new players and better health, this team will win at least six games in the sports gambling season ahead; still not great, but much better than being the laughing stock of the sports gambling world with a single win last year.

Kansas City is also a team that will be much improved in the new NFL sports gambling season. With a major overhaul of the roster in the sports gambling off-season there is no question that this team is more talented.

However, it’s still very young and even though they’ll win more than last sports gambling season (4 wins), the Chiefs are still likely another year away.