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NFL Gambling - NFC Top Teams at Sports Gambling

NFL gambling fans were stunned by the emergence of the Arizona Cardinals as a top sports gambling commodity that ended up with a near Super Bowl title.

NFL gambling handicappers have had to literally pitch all of their charts and begin anew as the Cardinals demonstrated the ever changing dynamics of sports gambling in the NFL.  Arizona covered 9 out of their 16 NFL gambling appearances in the regular season.

Where they really made sports gambling hay was in the post season where they covered all 4 of their games including the Super Bowl heartbreaker against the Steelers.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for Arizona was their 33-13 blowout win at Carolina in the division playoffs as they were 10 point dogs but dominated what was expected to be the top team in the NFC.  Carolina was one of the more profitable teams in NFL gambling as they failed to get the cash in just 6 out of 16 regular season games.

They ranked 10th on offense but 19th on defense and that is what did them in against the Cardinals in the playoffs.  Whether the Panthers can come back or not remains one of the biggest questions in NFL gambling.  The Philadelphia Eagles rose from the dead to become one of the best money makers in NFL gambling.

Nearly everyone involved in NFL gambling wrote the Eagles off in mid season after their humiliating loss at Cincinnati but they went on to cover 4 of their final 6 games and backed into the NFL gambling post season after the Dallas Cowboys blew their final game.

Philadelphia then went on to upset the defending world champion NY Giants after they handled the Minnesota Vikings to end up in the NFC title game where they lost to Arizona.  Which Eagle team will arrive in 2009 is one of the top questions in NFL gambling.

Speaking of which version of a team will arrive, how about those Giants?  It seemed as if Big Blue was headed to a repeat in the Super Bowl before Plaxico Burress almost blew his leg off at a night club.  From there it was all down hill as the Giants split their last 4 games against the spread and were awful in their home playoff loss to the Eagles.

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