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Sports Gambling on Miami Heat

The conditions line up for the Heat to go from the sports gambling outhouse to the penthouse in a short period of time by online sports gambling standards.

It’s not often that teams in the NBA sports gambling go from last place in their division to first place in the span of just one year. But right now, if the NBA online sports gambling season were to begin today, the Miami Heat would have be considered a top pick to win their sports gambling division.

After the worst season in franchise history the 15-win Heat from last year look to be at least a 40-win team next sports gambling season and perhaps even better.

In the entire history of the NBA sports gambling very rarely has a team gone from 15 wins to the playoffs in just one season, but the Heat’s circumstance is very unique as far as NBA sports gambling goes.

Last season the Heat made a tremendous effort to make themselves as awful as possible and did a pretty fair job at it by any online sports gambling experts estimation. They traded away center Shaq O’Neal. They benched star Dwayne Wade for most of the NFL sports gambling season.

They also told Shawn Marion to hang it up early and rested Udonis Haslem towards the end of the NBA sports gambling season as well.

But the beauty of that strategy is that all these players will be back at 100% once the new NBA sports gambling season begins and that alone should raise the Heats win total in the online sports gambling by at least 20 games. Add to that mix rookie Michael Beasley and that that should be another ten wins in the sports gambling win column.

But the real wild card in all of this online sports gambling speculation is whether or not Pat Riley can rope free agent point guard Baron Davis down to Miami.

If Riley and his bean counters can work out a way to get the Davis to Miami and still Beasley can average 20 points a game, on paper the Heat would start the NBA sports gambling season as the second best team in the East and have a great shot at getting back to the NBA sports gambling Finals.