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Mavericks Fail Again in Playoff Sports Book Gambling

Sports book gambling results indicated that the Dallas Mavericks lost in the first round of the playoffs again.

Since going to the NBA Finals in 2006 that has been a regular occurrence for Dallas.  They are one of the most overrated teams in on line sports gambling. Sports book gambling odds actually favored the Mavericks in their series against San Antonio but the Mavs lost in six games.

Owner Mark Cuban continues to whine and complain but his team still can’t get the job done in the playoffs. Cuban has said that he won’t just start getting rid of players because of another first round exit.

“Every year I tell you the exact same thing. We’re going to be opportunistic and do our very best to put the best team on the court. It’s never going to change,” Cuban said.

“The last time I looked, five teams have championships out of 30. I’d say we’ll try to go out there and do our best and try not to be reactive like all the media will ask us to be. Like I say every year, there’s one team that wins and 29 teams who tie for last place. You don’t change the way you approach success simply because of questions.”

This off-season is going to be critical for Dallas if they are to win next season vs. the sports book gambling line.  They have to decide what to do with Dirk Nowitzki.  Even though he is a great player he has the stigma of not winning big games.

Cuban brought in Caron Butler and while he had his moments for Dallas, he was not the answer as Dallas still didn’t cover the sports book gambling number enough.

In the regular season the Mavericks were the best road team in the NBA and a very successful team against the sports book gambling NBA odds, but in the playoffs they lost all three games at San Antonio.

That was a major surprise because during the regular season the Mavericks were 26-15 vs. the sports book gambling odds.  It was at home that Dallas struggled as they were a pathetic 11-29-1 vs. the basketball betting point spread.

The Mavericks get a lot of attention in sports book gambling because of their owner Mark Cuban. They are not a team that wins a great deal vs. the on line gambling odds though, particularly in the playoffs. It is all about looking to next year again for the Mavericks.