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Greg Oden NBA Sports Gambling Debut

Last year at this time Greg Oden, the man-boy giant, was still celebrating his selection as the first player in the sports gambling NBA draft.

And then the unthinkable happened, a severe knee injury, and his sports gambling dream was shattered. But now, after a year of rehab, he’s back in action in the NBA summer league online sports gambling action and looking to make a big impact in his rookie NBA online sports gambling season.  Billed as a sure-fire NBA star last year the sports gambling world was salivating to get a look at the seven-foot shot blocking machine.

But as every online sports gambling fan knows a pick up game ended these aspirations and many questions still remain, not only about his talent, but his ability to return from the injury to the NBA sports gambling action.

The injury has indeed caused many questions to circulate regarding his ability to perform at the top level of NBA sports gambling action.  Even before the injury many online sports gambling analysts were already wondering if he had what it takes to compete in the NBA sports gambling arena.

More than anything else, size is Oden’s greatest asset, but in a league of hyper-athletic big men and plenty of seven footers Oden will have to raise his game a notch to compete in the sports gambling.  So far his return back to the game during the NBA sports gambling summer league has been less than impressive.

After just two games in this sports gambling exhibition it’s not possible to tell exactly how he’ll respond to real NBA sports gambling action but there is little reason to be overjoyed when you glance at his online sports gambling stat sheet so far.

Playing against mostly rookies and NBA sports gambling bench players he’s averaged just nine points and three rebounds a game -hardly impressive for the first player taken in an NBA sports gambling draft.

But he’s still got plenty of time before the real NBA sports gambling season begins and hopefully for the Blazers he’ll live up to his NBA sports gambling potential.