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Gambling in Sports - Reds Gain Leg Up in Standings

Gambling in sports handicappers have begun to pay close attention to the Cincinnati Reds as they have been one of the biggest surprises in baseball so far.

Gambling in sports success and the Cincinnati Reds have been few and far between for the past decade but it does appear as if their sportsgambling fortunes are about to change. The last baseball betting season that was a winner for the Reds was in 2000 when they went 85-77.

Since that time they have been one of the biggest losers on the board and a team that has been considered near hopeless as far as handicappers are concerned.  Most gamblers look at the Reds as a team to oppose.

The 2010 season may change the MLB betting perception of the Reds as they have been neck and neck with the heavily favored St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Central Division Race.

Hitting is the big reason for the Reds success as they ranked 9th overall in major league baseball for run production while their pitching staff has been a less than stellar 25th overall in the majors for earned run average.

Manager Dusty Baker looks to have landed well on his feet after his firing as manager of the Chicago Cubs a few years ago.  Baker has had plenty of past success both with the Cubs and before that with the Colorado Rockies.  He has worked hard to change the gambling in sports expectations of the Reds.

Joey Votto and Scott Rolen lead the lineup for the Reds and have become two of the biggest MLB baseball wagering assets on the team.  Votto was hitting .307 with 10 home runs and 32 runs batted in while Rolen was hitting .287 with 10 doubles, 10 home runs, and 27 runs batted in.

There have also been some individual gambling in sports bright spots in the pitching rotation starting with Mike Leake, who was 4-0 with a sparkling 2.91 earned run average.  Johnny Cueto was 4-1 with a 3.60 earned run average.

Reliever Francisco Cordero had a high 4.03 earned run average with 14 saves and concerns being voiced that he was being overworked.

The Reds will spend this week at home with series against two of the worst teams in their division as they host Pittsburgh for 4 games and Houston for 3 before a showdown series at St. Louis starts on Memorial Day.