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Gambling in Sports - France Limps in Minus Firepower

Gambling in sports expectations are sky high for France after they finished as runners up in the 2006 FIFA World Cup which makes them a popular gambling choice.

Gambling in sports handicappers are quite concerned, however, with the lack of offensive production by France in their lead up to the World Cup and the team’s lack of sports book gambling success.

World Cup betting odds will still have France as one of the favorites to emerge from the knockout round but last Friday’s 1-0 loss to China does not inspire a lot of confidence as World Cup action is set to commence on June 11.

France manager Raymond Domenech has downplayed his team’s recent gambling in sports troubles and is trying to maintain a positive attitude.

“To lose to China in our final build-up game hardly pleases me but at the end of the day it remains a preparation match,” said Domenech.  “Now we get down to the real thing.”

Domenech did say that he may adjust the lineup for the opening of the World Cup betting odds as it has not been productive.  Besides the loss to China, France also played to a 1-1 tie with Tunisia and defeated Costa Rica 2-1.

“Everything is possible,” said Domenech.  “We will see what the players can manage on Friday.”

France will open sports book gambling action on Friday with a match against Uruguay.  They will also face fellow Group A opponents South Africa and Mexico.

Domenech has said that the high expectations that his team faces will ultimately be a positive with the World Cup betting line.

“The impact of the public may bring a form of pressure, but a positive pressure from people who feel that the France team should succeed,” said the coach.

Domenech has often been a gambling in sports lightning rod with both the media and French fans during his tenure and has not been afraid to stand apart as different.

Domenech is also confident at the ultimate World Cup gambling success of “Les Blues.”

“I feel my players are determined,” said Domenech.  “And the addition of public pressure will put the final touches to our mental preparation.  They know what to expect.  They also know what people expect of them.  It is most important.”