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Gambling Sports - NHL Surprises Continue

Gambling sports surprises in the NHL continue as the online sports gambling season has gone past the midway point and towards the winter Olympic break.

Gambling sports standings in the NHL have seen some amazing turnarounds on both ends of the online sports gambling spectrum. The NHL gambling sports surprises begin with the team that has long been the most popular online sports gambling commodity in the NHL.

The Detroit Red Wings, the long time sports gambling online dominant power of the Western Conference are in serious gambling sports jeopardy of missing the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Detroit was in a tie for the eighth and final gambling sports playoff spot in the West with the Calgary Flames.

Two of the biggest gambling sports surprises from the West have been the Phoenix Coyotes and Colorado Avalanche, two teams that missed the playoffs last year.  Phoenix story is remarkable in that they were looking to move the bankrupt franchise over the summer.

Colorado had small expectations after their worst season ever in Denver last year.  Both teams would be in the gambling sports playoffs if the season ended now.

In the Eastern Conference one of the biggest gambling sports surprises has been the Boston Bruins, who were the top seed in the playoffs last spring but would miss the playoffs altogether if the season ended now.

The Ottawa Senators are the biggest gambling sports surprise in the East as they would make the playoffs if the season ended now after finishing out of the running in the 2008-09 campaign.

Just as big of a surprise have been the Carolina Hurricanes, who were a final four team in the post season last spring to a team that is dead last and going nowhere in the East for 2010.

The Western Conference Columbus Blue Jackets have had a similar season to Carolina in that they were a surprise playoff team in 2009 but were next to last in the recent Western standings.  The fall of the Anaheim Ducks has also been a dramatic development in 2010.

The NHL is never stagnant and those making the playoffs at the top may be upset by those who barely got in come spring as the surprises never cease on the ice and on the board for hockey wagering fans.