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Gambling Sports - Kelly Lands Strong Irish Class

Gambling sports expectations will be high for Notre Dame football as new coach Brian Kelly scored a solid recruiting class for the 2010 sportsgambling season.

Gambling sports rankings had Notre Dame’s class ranked anywhere from 14th to 19th in the final National Signing Day sportsgambling rankings. Kelly came to Notre Dame with a gambling sports reputation as a top notch recruiter.

His sportsgambling success at Cincinnati bore that out as he was the first coach at UC to lead the Bearcats to a BCS bowl berth and also made them one of the most popular teams on the board at internet sportsbooks.  While Kelly would have liked to have finished with a top ten gambling sports class he was satisfied with his first group of signees.

Kelly acknowledged that more time was needed to haul in a top shelf gambling sports recruiting class.  “You need time to recruit,” said Kelly, who joined Notre Dame right after clinching the Big East gambling sports title at Cincinnati.

Kelly also said that Notre Dame’s recent lack of gambling sports success made recruiting more of a challenge.  “You need success if you want to be able to continue to recruit the very best,” he said.  Kelly landed a total of four four-star recruits.

While that is not up to the gambling sports level of powerhouses such as Florida and Alabama it does lay a foundation for the future and gives Kelly credibility going forward.  Kelly found a lot of recruiting success in the Ohio area, including around Cincinnati where he established plenty of contacts and credibility.

Kelly ultimately achieved his gambling sports objective and that was to establish a bedrock to build on going forward.  Notre Dame has lost a lot of credibility in recent years with epic losses to weak teams and a failure to go bowling in two out of the last three seasons.

The atmosphere has been one of failure and large expectations that were not met.  “It’s a good start for us,” said Kelly. “I think you’ll see growth in the recruiting process for us next year. But I think it’s a good start for us.”