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Gambling on Sports with the Dallas Cowboys

Gambling on sports is about value and few teams offered less value in 2008 for online gambling fans than the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.

Gambling on sports with popular “name brand” teams such as the Cowboys is always an online gambling risk because their popularity consistently costs them value.  In 2008 the Dallas Cowboys cost those gambling on sports with them money in 9 out of 16 regular season games.

What was particularly appalling was how they ended the online gambling campaign.  With the playoffs seemingly in the bag with four weeks to go in the regular season the Cowboys burned those gambling on sports with them by failing to cover three out of those four games.

Even worse was the final two weeks of the regular season.  First, in the last regular season home game ever at Texas Stadium, their home since 1971, the Cowboys suffered an embarrassing gambling on sports loss of 24-33 as 5 point chalks as their defense was totally helpless against the Baltimore Ravens.

Still, all Dallas had to do was come up with a gambling on sports win at Philadelphia in the season finale to make the playoffs.  But at Philadelphia the Cowboys disgraced themselves and angered everyone gambling on sports with them in a 6-44 debacle as 2.5-point dogs.

The horrible end to the season had many of those gambling on sports thinking that owner Jerry Jones would fire head coach Wade Phillips, who “led” a team that was undisciplined and soft down the stretch.  Phillips is known as a defensive specialist yet his unit was inept down the stretch.

Quarterback Tony Romo was again erratic come crunch time and many of those gambling on sports lost faith in him and his ability to lead at the end of the season.  In the off season Dallas finally got rid of head case and controversy magnet Terrell Owens, who was simply too disruptive of an influence.

But Phillips remained as coach and whether or not he will finally get tough with his team is in doubt.  Jones will open his new expensive Stadium this year with a questionable team and future in shaky economic times.

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