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Gambling on Sports - NHL West Playoffs at Sports Gambling

Gambling on sports with the western conference NHL playoffs has been one of the most exciting online sports gambling events of the year.

Gambling on sports is always a challenge but the NHL playoffs offer a unique online sports gambling experience for the handicapper.  More than is the case with any other sport, those gambling on sports with the western conference NHL post season have seen surprises that would not be possible in other online sports gambling attractions.

Pro hockey is unique in that an eight seed can top a one seed, as was the case this year in the western conference for those gambling on sports as Anaheim dispatched of San Jose.  Anaheim was the top money maker for those gambling on sports so far, and much of it had to do with that series against San Jose.

But it also had to do with their competitive fight against Detroit in the second round of the playoffs as the Ducks have again shown everyone gambling on sports that the NHL post season is a different animal from the other pro sports.  Just like when gambling on sports with baseball the NHL playoffs use the money line system.

This means that a team like Anaheim, when up against heavy favorite like Detroit and San Jose, will often be a huge underdog that can bring in big money any time that they post a win.  The opposite gambling on sports example of this would be the Chicago Blackhawks.

Despite winning 7 out of their first 11 western conference playoff games the Blackhawks were down almost $600 based on $100 units because when they lost, the were heavy gambling on sports favorites and those losses offset any wins that they had.

The Calgary Flames, Chicago's first round opponent, finished in the top five of the NHL for profits despite the fact that they were eliminated in 6 games.  Again, this illustrates the value factor that you must take into account for the NHL post season.

The Vancouver Canucks proved to be a solid value in the second round against Chicago, as their goaltending with Roberto Luongo was the difference and gave them an excellent shot at the series. 

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