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Gambling on Sports - NHL East Playoffs at Sports Gambling

Gambling on sports fans have seen plenty of upsets in the online sports gambling results of the eastern conference NHL playoffs this year.

Gambling on sports with the NHL playoffs is one of the greatest online sports gambling challenges that a handicapper can take up.  Unlike any other game on the board, hockey offers those gambling on sports a true version of the NFL’s famed “on any given Sunday” motto.

When it comes to online sports gambling on professional games, the NHL delivers the goods with surprise upsets each and every year.  The Boston Bruins entered the eastern conference playoffs as the clear cut favorite for those gambling on sports.

Boston did nothing to discourage that status as heavy chalk in the first round when they gave everyone gambling on sports with them an easy payoff against the Montreal Canadiens.

In the second round, however, Boston was in the fight of their life against a team that was lightly regarded by those gambling on sports, the Carolina Hurricanes.  Carolina jumped out to a stunning three games to one lead in the series and became one of the most profitable teams in the board in the process.

The goaltending of Cam Ward was the difference for Carolina.  Goaltending is always one of the keys in the NHL post season and this year has been no different for those gambling on sports.

The Washington Capitals were considered suspect by those gambling on sports despite a strong offense and one of the game’s elite players in Alexander Ovechkin because of what was perceived to be weak goaltending.

But that changed when they put in rookie Simeon Varlamov, who got the Caps into the second round where they were in the fight of their lives against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The Penguins are one of the favorites for those gambling on sports in the NHL playoffs as they are the defending eastern conference champions.

Pittsburgh rallied from 0-2 to take their next three games against the Caps including two in overtime!  Sydney Crosby has regained his top form and that makes Pittsburgh an instant threat.

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