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Sports Gambling on Tebow Heisman

Sports gambling experts expected an impact in his freshman year, but no one familiar with the NCAA online sports gambling predicted the season that he had.

Sports gambling fans have not seen a repeat Heisman winner for quite some times. Certainly not in the era of online sports gambling, and in fact the feat ahs only been accomplished once before in the sports gambling history.

But Junior Tim Tebow has the best chance of anyone of winning the top award in college football sports gambling twice, or even three times before his career is over with. Sports gambling fans were spellbound last year as Tebow put together perhaps the most impressive individual season in college football sports gambling history.

Just to put things in perspective, Tebow accounted for 53 TDS all by himself, both running and throwing. There are many teams in D-1 college football sports gambling that did not even score that many TDs with 11 players combined.

In his record setting season last year Tebow became the first person to not only run for 20 TDs and pass for 20 TDs in a sports gambling season but he also became the first to throw for 30 and run for 20, a threshold, that no one in the online sports gambling community thought possible.

Tebow is too often discounted as running QB, but he’s also as accurate passer as you’ll find in sports gambling completing 67% percent of his passes with just six INTs to go with this 33 passing TDs.

Often called a full back with an arm, he is much more than that as his football IQ is extremely high and he makes good decisions as evidenced by his low total of just six INTs.

This year there will be huge expectations placed on Tebow’s shoulders and for those sports gambling fans out there thinking he’ll cave under the pressure you should think again. In fact, this season should be even easier for Tebow to succeed. Last year the offensive line was virtually non-existent and Tebow had to struggle for every yard he got.

This year that unit will be vastly improved, as will Tebow’s comfort level as a starting QB in the SEC, the most difficult division in online sports gambling. In addition, his skill players will all be healthy and that will greatly increase his options and result in a much better sports gambling record.

In fact, Tebow could very easily add a national title to his Hiesman trophy next year and if that happens he’ll also likely be named the best player in college football sports gambling for a second time.