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Davis is a Sports Gambling Wild Card

Where Davis will land no one is quite sure, but according to online sports gambling odds makers his landing disrupts the up coming sports gambling season.

It would seem that by most sports gambling standards $17 million is a helluva pile of money. But it wasn’t enough to keep Baron Davis a Golden State Warrior as he shocked the sports gambling world on Monday and opted out of the last year of his contract with the team making him free agent and potential wild card in the NBA online sports gambling off-season.

Perhaps no one was more surprised by Davis’ move than Golden State coach and sports gambling legend Don Nelson. With only six players under contract Nellie has a very interesting sports gambling season to contemplate and plenty of work to do in order to his roster up to speed.

Davis departure leaves the Warriors in a very bad way and this team will have to scramble to put itself together before the NBA sports gambling season begins. There are some options now that several other big name free agents have opted out of their contracts this online sports gambling off season.

But trying to lure unrestricted free agents to Golden State without Davis there would appear to be one of the most difficult acts in sports gambling right now.  Davis has more or less sunk the Warriors as a viable contender next year in the sports gambling.

But whichever team he finally signs with could see their odds as a potential sports gambling playoff team next year could sky-rocket. The only problem is that there are only a few teams with any cap space that could add Davis to their sports gambling roster.

One possibility is the LA Clippers, which according to latest sports gambling news will not try and re-sign Corey Maggette and will try and re-sign Elton Brand at a reduced rate in order to get Davis as well.

But anyone that knows anything about sports gambling would have a hard time believing that Davis would turn down $17 million to go to a perennial loser like the Clippers.

More likely is the event that some team will pull some big trades and work some number crunching miracles in order to free up space and add Davis to their sports gambling roster in the up coming season.