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Close Sports Book Gambling Odds on Spurs and Suns

Sports book gambling odds on the series between San Antonio are very close with the Suns a -145 favorite to win the series.

The Suns have lost three straight playoff series to the Spurs since 2003 but they are a slight on line sports gambling favorite this time. Sports book gambling history might end up listing the Spurs as the best 7th seed ever in the NBA Playoffs.

The Spurs took out second seeded Dallas in the first round in sports book gambling. They are just the fifth No. 7 seed to ever win a playoff series and the first one to ever win one since the NBA went to a best-of-seven series in the first round in 2003.

Only one other team in NBA history has made it past two rounds and that was the 1987 Seattle Supersonics. This year’s Spurs team could do even more in basketball betting.

The Spurs still have their same dominant trio in Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker who can impact sports book gambling results.  The Suns still have Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire.

The difference in on line sports gambling for Phoenix this time around is that the Suns have Jason Richardson. And he was the player who almost single-handedly won the first round series for the Suns against Portland. “There’s a lot of history there, a lot of history,” said the Suns’ Grant Hill.

“But you’ve got to remember that there are a lot of new players, younger players in this locker room. This is a different team.”

The Suns have a different mindset and they may be better prepared to win this series vs. the sports book gambling odds.  “But I told our guys, we don’t look at past history.” Suns head coach Alvin Gentry said, “This team has never played San Antonio in a playoff series.

That’s the way I look at it. Everyone knows that it will be physical, it will be great.”

The Eastern Conference has the Celtics and the Cavaliers which should be a brutally tough series but this Western Conference matchup between the Spurs and Suns may not be far behind in sports book gambling. The teams don’t like each other and the games should be intense.

“Oh yeah,” said Richardson. “I wasn’t here for that stuff. There’s a lot of bad blood. Anybody who’s followed the NBA or watched the NBA understands there’s bad blood there. Should make it fun.” It should also make for very close sports book gambling odds.