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Clippers Sports Gambling Position

Brand and Maggette, surprised the sports gambling world by both opting out, online sports gambling experts expected both to reach multi-year extensions.

The Clippers front office has never been known for their personnel prowess in sports gambling circles, but if they make the right moves this off-season, it could certainly raise its profile among online sports gambling aficionados. After supposedly coming to terms with point guard Baron Davis and continuing to negotiate with sports gambling free agents Corey Maggette and Elton Brand, they could enter the 2008-9 online sports gambling season much improved.

But at present the team has none of these players officially under contract and still has a chance to turn their sports gambling future upside down, as we’ve seen in the past. Luring Davis to LA caught most of the sports gambling world off guard and is to be applauded.

The Clippers have never had a talented point guard that lasted for more than one season, and locking up Davis could be just the thing the team needs to improve its sports gambling lot. Davis, when healthy, is among the best scoring point guards in the sports gambling and the athletes on the Clippers will allow him to run a wide open offense.

He seems a good fit for the Clippers basketball system and should greatly improve the team’s win record in the sports gambling column. But that all depends on what type of talent he’ll be passing to when the sports gambling NBA season starts.

The Clippers top two free agents, Brand and Maggette, both 20 point scorers surprised the sports gambling world by both opting out the final year of the their contracts on Tuesday. Most online sports gambling experts expected the two players to reach multi-year extensions with team.

By opting out of the contract, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be playing with the Clippers in the sports gambling next year, but it makes it increasingly unlikely. There simply isn’t enough room under the cap to the two and add Davis, add online sports gambling analysts.

With the addition of Davis is seems that either Brand or Maggette will have to go before the sports gambling begins. And so the question in the sorts gambling community is which one will have to go?

It might sound crazy to let the better talent go, but Brand has been so hobbled by injuries throughout his career that he may be one playing in a new zip code when the sports gambling action begins.