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Baseball Sports Gambling Mid-way

With half the sports gambling season down, if the second half is even half as exciting it will be an amazing finish for the online sports gambling season.

The 2008 MLB sports gambling season is now officially half way over. With a bit of time to reflect on the happenings of the season this far, there are plenty of reasons for online sports gambling fans to be surprised. In fact, this has been one of the most interesting seasons in recent sports gambling memory and online sports gambling signs are reaping the benefits of a very competitive MLB season so far.

The biggest surprise so far in the world of baseball sports gambling has been the Florida teams. The Marlins, aside from somehow winning two World Series titles in the span of seven years, have for all sports gambling intents and purposes been little more than a doormat.

The other Florida team, the Tampa Bay Rays, have been no less than the laughing stock of online sports gambling and one of the worst sporting franchises in all of sports gambling. But all that has changed this year.

Both have led their respective sports gambling divisions for much of the season and at one time or other both have also laid claim to the best baseball record in all of online sports gambling.

While both have fallen to second place in their divisions in recent activity, neither trails by more than a game or two and have at the very least a good shot of earning a sports gambling wild card spot in the postseason if not winning the sports gambling division outright.

Tampa has played solid D and pitched well while the Marlins have relied on the long ball and to the surprise of nearly single online sports gambling fan alive, lead the MLB sports gambling scene in HRs.

Aside from the success of the Florida teams, the big surprise on an individual level has been the stellar play of Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton.

No one in sports gambling was even talking about this guy before the season began but he could very well become the first Triple Crown winner in three decades if he maintains this pace into the second half of the sports gambling season.