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The Check Raise in Omaha

Check raising is a poker strategy in which a player with a playable hand originally does not make a bet but then makes a raised bet when the action comes back around to him.

The goal with a check raise is to force players to call another bet and increase the pot or to force the player to fold. Check raising is a common technique used by Texas Holdem players, but you will find using the check raise in Omaha is not nearly as effective.

Omaha poker is much more a game of drawing and seeing cards than Texas Holdem. The check raise as we said earlier is a move to get more money into the pot or to get players to fold. The check raise will rarely get anyone to fold in Omaha and getting more money into the pot might not be advisable in Omaha unless you have the nuts.

Keep in mind that the potential hands in Omaha poker are far more numerous than they are for Texas Holdem. Players in Omaha really can't use the check raise very often because its value is greatly diminished.

With the multitude of potential drawing hands it is unlikely check raising will do anything other than get more money into the pot. You also have to remember that it might not work at all because your check may be returned with a check. You would probably be better off just leading out with a bet because you are almost assuredly going to get called.

Omaha just doesn't lend itself to fancy poker plays and check raising could fall into that category. Players that choose to play Omaha know that there are going to be far fewer times that people will fold after seeing the flop. Drawing hands are a dime a dozen and players just don't want to give them up once seeing the flop.

If you are considering using the check raise as a strategy while playing Omaha you may want to reconsider. Omaha poker is way too much a game of seeing as many cards as possible and check raising rarely works.

Give some thought to only using check raising in Texas Holdem and avoiding it altogether in Omaha. The risk/reward potential is just not high enough to make it something you should do.