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Tournament Basics

Tournaments in Texas Holdem are extremely popular at poker sites around the world today.

Poker tournaments are a bit different than ring games and the strategy for playing in them is definitely different. Let's look at the basics for Texas Holdem tournaments and some things you need to know. The first thing you need to know about Texas Holdem tournaments is that there are many different ones to choose from.

There are limit Texas Hold'em tournaments, No Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments, freerolls, qualifiers and sitngos. The amount of buy-ins also differs. Sometimes you will have no buy-in with the freerolls, while others may be quite expensive. Be sure to pick an entry fee that you are comfortable with.

The entry fees can be for single table tournaments or for multi-table tournaments. Multi-table tournaments can range from 2 tables to hundreds of tables in huge qualifiers. The entry fees can be small or large, but all of the money, minus the tournament fee is put back into the prize pool.

Before you buy-in to a Texas Hold'em tournament, you will want to consider some things that are different about playing in an online tournament versus a ring game. The first thing that many people forget is that tournaments take a lot of time to play. You can't just get up at any time and walk away.

You are there for probably a few hours. Even a sitngo requires at least an hour or more. The next thing to decide when playing a tournament is what your goal is. If you are looking to get lucky and qualify for a big tournament then a qualifying tournament is what you want to play.

If you are looking at tournaments as a way to make money then you should decide between sitngos and multi-table tourneys. The time required for each is different and the strategy can be different. You also want to note that some tourneys are rebuys and some are not.

Your strategy for the rebuy must be different than a regular tournament. In tournaments you also have to be aware, unless it is a rebuy tourney, of the amount of chips you have left because once they are gone you are out.

Tournaments are the big thing now at many poker sites. Television has made them seem glamorous and exciting. That is true to some extent but you want to be aware that many of these multi-table tourneys take a lot of time, so be prepared when you start to play.