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Position is Power in Texas Holdem

The one factor that is often underestimated in Texas Holdem poker is position. In Texas holdem position is paramount and one of the most important factors in the game.

Position can very often dictate play more than anything else, even the cards. Hands that you play from the button will be totally unplayable from early position. Position is power and it is what we want to focus on today. Let's first off define position in Texas Holdem poker. Position is where a Texas holdem player sits at the poker table in relation to the "button".

The "button" is passed clockwise at the poker table from player to player each hand.  The button is a disk that designates which poker player represents the dealer and the player sitting "on the button" has the best position at the table as the button player is the last to act beginning with the flop on through Fourth and Fifth Street.

The button gets the best read on what potential poker hands the other players at the table are holding and can bet accordingly. The later a player's position at the poker table, the better that position is and, conversely, the earlier the position the worse his position is.

Out of position refers to a player who has to be one of the first to act at the poker table. How you play Texas Holdem should revolve around your position. In late position you are able to play a lot more hands than in early position.

Many players do not understand the value of late position and also don't understand how difficult it is to play from early position. Hands that seem strong are often not that strong from early position. You also must realize that marginal hands can be much stronger in late position because you can put pressure on your opponent.

Acting last is critical to your success in Texas Holdem. Many players have said they would rather have position over any other factor. Texas holdem players who fail to grasp the importance of position and its effect on strategy are definitely in trouble. You must adjust your play based on position.

You just can't play the same from early position as you do on the button. Always remember how important position is when playing Texas Holdem. If you can focus and change your play based on your position you will definitely improve your game.