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Playing Rebuy Poker Tournaments

One of the more popular types of no limit Texas holdem poker tournaments at many poker rooms today is the rebuy tournament.

In a rebuy Texas holdem poker tournament if you lose all of your chips in the early stages you can just rebuy more chips and get right back in the game. Rebuy tournaments have a set level at which rebuys are no longer allowed and some tournaments only allow a certain number of rebuys while others allow unlimited rebuys.

Let's take a look at how to play these rebuy tournaments and what to expect. If you have played rebuy tournaments in the past you are well aware that they are not like regular tournaments. In rebuy tournaments there is a ton of loose play early on. People can go all in at the drop of a hat because if they lose their chips they will just buy more.

If you are playing in these tournaments you really have to know how to play. And it is not the same way as a normal tournament. There are a few strategies you can use in a rebuy tournament and depending upon your bankroll you might be able to use them all. The first strategy to use at a rebuy tournament is the accumulate chips strategy.

This is what a lot of people do. They will go all in with weak hands hoping to double up and build a big stack. These players will not wait around for big hands but they will go all in on virtually anything. The goal is to double up a few times by taking some risks. It is a good strategy because if you lose all your chips you can just buy more.

The second strategy to use in rebuy tournaments is to wait for big hands against these maniac players and then double up through them. This works well except for the fact that sometimes you are going to suffer bad beats.

You still need to be prepared to rebuy chips using this strategy because you will run into some bad luck at times against the maniacs and lose all your chips. Most of the time though, you will double up through them with your strong hands. The third strategy to use during these tournaments is the strategy of patience.

You can just play your normal game and watch everyone else play loose. This will sometimes work, but the drawback of this strategy is that you usually don't build up enough chips to be a real threat to win the tournament. It is hard to play a straight strategy against a bunch of maniacs.

You can be successful doing it only if you are willing to go all in sometimes. Rebuy poker tournaments are definitely something to experience. They are full of loose play and exciting action. Take you chance in one today and you may get lucky.