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Playing Freeroll Tournaments

One of the more popular tournaments at many online poker sites today is the freeroll tournament. You can get into many freeroll Texas Holdem tournaments very easily.

Online poker rooms will often allow you to play in freerolls just for making your first deposit. Other sites allow you to get in the freeroll tournaments simply by being one of the first to register in the tournament. One of the best things about a freeroll tournament is of course that it is free. It doesn't cost you anything.

For new Texas Holdem players the freeroll tournament is a great way to get started playing poker. You can get familiar with the poker site, adjust to the different things you see in the game, and all the while risk nothing. Another great advantage of playing in a freeroll Texas Holdem tournament is that you can do anything.

You are risking nothing so you can take a lot of chances. You will see a lot of loose play in these tourneys as players try to accumulate chips by going all-in with anything. These tournaments are definitely high in excitement. Free-roll tournaments are also a great way to test out some of your theories that you would like to try in regular play.

You can try a conservative style or you can play loosely. You can also test out some theories in regards to position. You can use the tournaments as a chance to just simply have fun. Very often with poker we are looking to make money and not take many chances.

Freeroll tournaments allow us to basically throw things to the wind and play loose and fast. You should know when you play freeroll tournaments that you are going to need to commit time to play. It usually takes a few hours to complete one of these tournaments and it could take longer.

There are a lot of people that will take part in these tourneys so you need to be prepared to play for a little while. You also should be aware that you are going to see a lot of bad play. People play freeroll tournaments loosely and without thinking too much. It is rare that fancy plays will work because people will call with anything.

Be aware that freeroll tournaments are really amateur hour and you should treat the play as such. While they are definitely fun and entertaining, don't put too much stock in how you do in these tournaments. They are more for fun and entertainment and a newbie learning ground than anything else.