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Position in Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is played similar to Texas Holdem poker but it offers a lot more possibilities and offers more traps that players can get into because of the extra cards.

We know that position is of paramount importance in Texas Holdem, but it is also important in Omaha. Omaha is very much a game of possibilities. Because there are so many things you can draw to, position is a very nice advantage to have. It gives you the opportunity to analyze what everyone else has done before making your play.

Texas Holdem position is important as well, but in Omaha you have even more to consider. Because of the strong hand potential in Omaha poker, a poker player can see endless possibilities that would seem to give him and edge towards getting the nuts.  Omaha is a difficult game to play at times because you want to stay in the hand.

Even if you are out of position you feel that you can still draw to something good. That is a big problem when playing Omaha because playing out of position is usually a recipe for disaster. Poker hands that Texas holdem players would fold into the muck without thinking twice are poker hands in Omaha poker that are often worth playing.

Omaha is a poker game that can really trick you into calling with a lot of weak hands. It is sometimes okay to do that in late position but it is a lost cause in early position. If you have to call a raise with a weak hand you can just get away from the hand in late position but in early position you may already have placed a bet.

The odds in Omaha look so seductive that players in early position will continue to chase hands they have no business playing. This happens in all positions, but at least in late position you have the advantage of acting last. Some people will say that position is less important in Omaha because you have so many drawing possibilities.

I would argue the opposite may be true because Omaha by its nature sucks you into playing more hands. The more hands you play from early position the more hands you are going to lose. It is really that simple. You can't go chasing with hands from early position but that is often what many players will do.

In late position you have a lot more power and can play more hands, do more things, and get away with more. You can't do any of those things from early position but that is definitely what many players will try to do.