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7 Card Stud Mistakes

7 Card stud is one of the older poker games around and still has a following among some of the older players.

With the popularity of Texas Holdem there has been a little carry over effect to other poker games including stud. The older players have a big advantage playing stud because most of the new players make a ton of mistakes. Let's take a look at some of the ones they make and the ones you should avoid.

The first mistake that stud players make is made by all poker players, and that is playing too many hands. Some players get involved in every hand and that is a huge mistake. New players will hope to hit something and will play every single hand. Unless they get lucky they are going to lose all the time.

You can't play every hand in stud and win, period. Another mistake made by stud players is not understanding what cards are out there. This happens in all other forms of poker. Players see their own cards and not much else. You have to also understand what cards are out there and what other players may be holding.

The second major mistake that many players make is to not read the board.  It is very easy to fall in love with your own hand and not see what is happening with other hands.  Many players focus only on their own hand and the possibilities of hitting something, while totally ignoring what everyone else has.

Another big mistake is falling in love with straights.  Chasing the straight is not a good strategy. The odds just don't support chasing them and you can still lose to a flush. Stud players also fall in love with small pairs and don't bet their big pairs big. Small pairs don't win very often and really should just be thrown away unless you get in cheap.

Big pairs are good, but if everyone stays in the hand you are likely to get drawn out on. You need to bet these big pairs early to drive people out. Another mistake that many poker players make, including stud players, is going on tilt.

The new players are much more likely to go over the edge after a bad beat and this happens in stud a lot because of the amount of cards you get and the various drawing hands. Keep your head in the game and show some discipline and avoid going on tilt.