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Is online poker the game for you? There has been a huge increase in online poker gambling around the world in recent years, particularly in Texas Holdem. Online poker players from all over the world are flocking to online poker rooms in record numbers.

Is poker playing a good choice for you? The first question any online poker player has to ask about playing poker is 'why do I play poker online?' There are really three main possibilities. You can be playing for fun, playing to have a chance at winning or playing as a pro.

Now, it may not be quite as simple as one of those three since you may be somewhere in between one of those categories. Why is it important to decide what type of player you are as you play poker online?  The reason to decide your goals as you play poker online is that you can maximize your profit potential by deciding which of the categories you fall into.

If you happen to be a player that just is playing online poker software for fun then you want to play a lot of freerolls where you don't risk any money yet have great online poker gambling action.

If you are looking to make a little money without risking much then you might be the sit-n-go type of player or you may be the tournament player as you use online poker software.

The professional player is in a separate category where he needs to pick and choose online poker games that give him the best chance to win.

If you are looking to play poker online as more than just for fun you need to consider a few things.  Online poker gambling players that just blindly start playing in online poker rooms without looking at some of the factors involved will undoubtedly lose money.

There are many different online poker rooms and poker games out there and at various limits.  You need to find where you have the best success and also what games you really enjoy.  It may be that Limit Holdem is more profitable for you than No-Limit.

It could be that ring games are money makers for you more than tournaments.  Finding the right poker level and the right poker game is very important if you want to win money. It could be as an online poker gambling player that poker is best treated as a hobby.

Only you know the answer to that question.  Take the time to find out though.  Don't immediately jump into big games and big online poker rooms without being prepared.  Know what you want to accomplish.

There is nothing wrong with just playing poker for fun and trying out the online poker software. That is a great way to enjoy yourself and have a chance to win a little money. You don't have to turn it into a job or high stress unless that is your goal.

Online Poker gambling should definitely be fun first and profitable second.

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Online Poker Promotions

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Poker Hand Ranking

Know the values of the most critical hands in poker here at Sports Gambling.

Gambling Poker - 7 Card Stud

In a normal 7 Card Stud game you will find from five to eight players at the table. The dealer begins by giving each player one card face down, from his left.

Playing Omaha

Playing Omaha may look similar to Texas Holdem, but it is a very different game, with different strategies and also different expectations.

Omaha Hi Lo Poker

Omaha Hi-Lo looks similar to Texas Holdem, but it is actually a much different game. Omaha Hi-Lo is a split pot game.

Online Poker Overview at Sports Gambling

Texas Holdem is the main poker game played around the world today. We also offer Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and 7 Card Stud.

Online Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is the most popular poker game in the world and although it looks different than poker you may have seen it is very easy to understand.

7 Card Stud Mistakes

7 Card stud is one of the older poker games around and still has a following among some of the older players.

The Check Raise in Omaha

Check raising is a poker strategy in which a player with a playable hand originally does not make a bet but then makes a raised bet when the action comes back around to him.

Position in Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is played similar to Texas Holdem poker but it offers a lot more possibilities and offers more traps that players can get into because of the extra cards.


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