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Winning at Roulette at Sports Gambling

Roulette is a game that has been around for many years, fascinating gamblers around the world.

The problem with roulette, and all casino games for that matter, is the little problem known as the house edge. The long-term numbers are against the player, so the trick with roulette or other casino games is to try to overcome the house advantage. It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either.

The biggest way to overcome the house edge is to catch streaks. Ride the winning streaks and get out of the way during a losing streak. This is can be extremely important in roulette where streaks are quite common.

Many people have come up with systems over the years for roulette, but all of them are risky, and most won't do much for you in the long run. We all know about the martingale system of doubling up after a loss. This is a great system until the inevitable streak comes up that breaks you.

The martingale also goes against what we just talked about and that is playing on streaks. The martingale is betting against a streak. If you want to ride the hot streak then the parlay system may be for you. After a win you let the bet ride and continue on the streak as long as you want.

Some people will ride it out for 2 or three straight bets, others for more. The goal is to catch something 3 or 4 times that doubles you up every time. The secret will be to get out before losing it all. Another system that people have tried through the years is called the pivot system. I call it the tracking system.

The system involves tracking the roulette wheel to find out which numbers are hitting the most. You look at the last 12, or last 24, or even the last 50 numbers if you can find a wheel that shows that many, and look for numbers that repeated. You then pick a number that has repeated the most and continue playing it until it hits again.

If it hits once in 35 spins you are going to make money. This system has been known to work, especially on roulette wheels that seem to favor certain numbers. With the pivot system many people start over with a new number once it hits, while others will just stay and ride the hot number.

Roulette is a game of streaks and patterns. The more patterns you can find that work, the more money you can make. The house edge will grind down the long-term player, but with some of these systems you might actually make money the next time you play instead of losing it.