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Roulette Systems at Sports Gambling

Many books have been written touting various roulette systems, but none have really shown a player how to win in the long-term.

That may be part of the problem with roulette systems.  There is not much anyone can do to overcome the house edge in the long-term.  There are however, a few things we can try in the short term that can make us money. Let's look at the popular roulette systems and see if we can find some advantages.

The first is the age old Martingale system that has us double our bet after a loss and go back to our starting amount after a win. This is a great system until the huge streak comes that breaks you. It is also a system that requires a lot of bankroll and a lot of guts. Let's say you are betting $10 on red and will continue the Martingale until you win.

If black shows up 5 times in a row, you would have risked $10, $20, $40, $80, and $160. You would now be risking $320 on the sixth spin just to win $10. It grows astronomically as you go and if the unheard of streak happens you could easily be risking thousands of dollars just to win $10. And those impossible streaks do happen.

When they do, you go broke. The Martingale is exciting, nerve-racking, and can be profitable, but be prepared if you try it. The Martingale is based on long streaks not happening in roulette. The opposite of this system is the Parlay system where you are betting on streaks to happen.

In the parlay system you let your winnings ride after a win. You set out how many times you are going to let it ride, whether it is 2, 3, 4 or more. This system is banking on a big streak to happen and when it does you get paid off well. This system also doesn't put all of your bankroll at risk like the Martingale system does.

Other people choose to play systems like the cluster system where they bet around a number they think is going to come up. Other people will stick to an area of the wheel like the first 12, or the 2 nd 12.

One of the better systems is the pivot system, where you track the wheel before placing any bets and look for patterns particular to that wheel. Sometimes a wheel will be gravitating toward a certain number.

If you see that in your tracking you can continually play that number and if it hits more than once every 35 spins you are going to make money. This is not a bad system because it is low risk and has high reward. It also keeps you in action quite a while. No system in roulette is going to be perfect.

Defeating the house in hand to hand combat over the long-term is suicidal. You have to pick your spots, hit hard and fast and take advantage of your system and get out. Long-term, unless you can find a wheel with a predictable pattern, the house has the edge.