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NHL Hockey

NHL hockey betting with Stanley Cup prop bets and live hockey odds. offers up to initial deposit bonus for NHL hockey betting.

Hockey betting takes place during the busiest time of year with NFL, college football, college basketball action going on at the same time. Sport gamblers that bet on hockey are not left out though, as many different hockey betting options are available during the season.

Hockey betting is easy enough to understand. It is based on a money line similar to what you would see in baseball. You just lay more money on the favorite or get plus money on the underdog as you bet on hockey.


Hockey betting can be profitable if you are willing to put in the time to handicap the games. The biggest part of hockey betting is the money line. With the NHL in recent seasons we have seen top heavy favorites doing well and that has meant big prices in NHL betting.

You just pay more to bet hockey if you like a favorite and get more money on the underdog. Hockey betting can be unpredictable. There used to be value in taking underdogs in hockey but it is more difficult now that there are no ties.

You used to be able to get value on underdogs as you bet on hockey when you had tie games but now if a game is tied it goes to a shootout and the better team usually wins shootouts. That has diminished the value of underdogs in hockey betting. The future of hockey will have gamblers laying more money with favorites because they want to win.

Most gamblers don't like laying big numbers when making an ice hockey bet but it may be something they have to consider. Since the NHL is no longer on ESPN and has moved to Versus the handle on hockey is much lower.

That doesn't mean you can't win money as you bet on hockey though since the games are still on the online hockey gambling board every night during the season.


Bet on Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit Red Wings

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Bet on hockey Thursday as the Calgary Flames travel to Vancouver to meet the Canucks in a Northwest Division rivalry showdown.

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Bet on Hockey at Sports Gambling with Dallas and Calgary

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Bet on Hockey: Atlanta Thrashers vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

Bet on hockey Tuesday as the Atlanta Thrashers travel to Toronto to meet the Maple Leafs in a challenging Eastern Conference hockey wagering handicap!

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