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What is the World Cup of Hockey?

One interesting part of betting for hockey fans to watch for in 2016 is the World Cup of Hockey. This is a special event that will take place from September 17 to October 1 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

This is expected to be on numerous sportsbook sites as it will entail the world's top hockey players competing with each other in a big World Cup-style tournament. This is similar to the World Baseball Classic in that it will entail people who are from various professional teams competing to win the honor of being the top country in the world in a particular sport.

The betting lines for the event are expected to be released later on in 2016 as the rosters start to come out. However, the teams that will be playing have been revealed. Still, there is a big of a concern over who exactly is going to be playing, what with the event coming rather close to the start of the NHL season.

Who is Playing?

The World Cup of Hockey will feature teams from all parts of the world. The first grouping will feature teams of the best players from the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic and Team Europe. Team Europe will feature players from European countries that were not represented with their own teams.

The second grouping will feature Russia, Sweden, Finland and Team North America. That last team will feature the top American and Canadian players who are 23 years of age or younger.

The competition in this tournament is expected to be exciting as each team will play each other in their groups before moving on to a four-team playoff. The championship will be in a best-of-three format.

What Will Impact the Odds?

The odds for the event will be released in the future but it is clear that there are plenty of great points that will impact them. The biggest part will come from just who is going to participate. The NHL season will be coming along soon and there is a good chance that some players will refuse to play in the World Cup of Hockey because they'd rather compete for the Stanley Cup. There's always a chance for some NHL teams to try and keep their players from actually participating.

There's also the potential that individual teams might not practice with each other too often. This comes from how many NHL teams are more focused on trying to prepare for the coming season. The fact that so many of these players will compete for the Olympics just a few months later could make an impact as well.

The World Cup of Hockey will certainly make for a thrilling event when it comes along but there is a good chance for the event to really change in terms of its odds. The odds will definitely be impacted by precisely who is going to play in the event. This could change over time but it will certainly be interesting to see what can happen when the rosters are called and plans for the event come about.