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Online Hockey Gambling at Sports Gambling

Online hockey gambling takes place during the football, basketball and even baseball seasons.

Since many gamblers don’t get involved with hockey gambling it provides more value. The online hockey gambling line is not very high on the priority list of sportsbooks and that is to the gambler’s advantage. Online hockey gambling is a little lower on the food chain for bookmakers and sportsbooks around the world so it is possible that you may find some opportunities not seen in other sports.

Let’s begin by looking at the basis of the hockey gambling line. Most of the online hockey gambling odds you see at sportsbooks are based strictly on a money line. There are no more ties in hockey so the days of the laying the half goal are over. The hockey gambling line is similar to a baseball money line. For example:

New York Rangers +125 6 under -130
Pittsburgh Penguins -145

This online hockey gambling line has the Penguins favored. If you like Pittsburgh you risk $145 for every $100 you want to win or the $14.50/$10 equivalent. If you like the Rangers you win $125 for every $100 wagered or the $10/$12.50 equivalent in online hockey gambling. All you need is for your team to win in online hockey gambling.

There are no pointspread or goals involved with money line hockey gambling odds. The total in this example is 6 under and you lay $130 for every $100 you want to win on the under and win $110 for every $100 you wager on the over in online hockey gambling.

Sometimes you will see the 1.5 goal line similar to the run line in baseball so that option also may exist for online hockey gambling. This is where you are either laying or receiving 1.5 goals instead of playing the straight money line in online hockey gambling.

Online hockey gambling is very simple and you can do your handicapping just like you do with the other sports. Begin by looking at home and away statistics, goalie matchups, head to head matchups, etc as you examine the online hockey gambling odds.