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Online Hockey Betting 2009 - Top Scorers

Online hockey betting cranks up October 1 and it’s a good time to take a refresher course as to which teams have the most firepower against hockey lines.

Online hockey betting fans can start with the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, who have two of the top assets against the hockey betting line. Pittsburgh centers Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby were two of the top three scorers last online hockey betting season as Malkin had 35 goals and 78 assists while Crosby had 33 goals and 70 assists to make for a lethal 1-2 punch against the hockey betting line.

The second ranked scorer last online hockey betting season was Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals as he had 56 goals and 54 assists.  Ovechkin made the Captials into the eighth most profitable team in online hockey betting last year as well as a solid “over” play on the board.

Ovechkin is arguably the most dominant single player in online hockey betting and the closest thing to a one man team.  Ovechkin’s teammate Nicklas Backstrom added 22 goals and 66 assists to also rank in the NHL top 10.

The Detroit Red Wings again made the Stanley Cup Finals thanks in large part to the fourth ranked scorer last online hockey betting season with Pavel Datsyuk, who had 32 goals and 65 assists last year.

The New Jersey Devils were the tenth most profitable team on the online hockey betting board last season thanks in large part to left wing Zach Parise, who had 45 goals and 49 assists to lead the team.  Ryan Getzlaf carried the Anaheim Ducks down the stretch and into the online hockey betting playoffs as he finished with 25 goals and 66 assists.

Were it not for Getzlaf’s performance the Ducks would have never made the post season.  Getzlaf continued his effectiveness in the playoffs with 4 goals and 14 assists as the Ducks took Detroit to the maximum 7 games in the second round before bowing out.

Jarome Iginla is the heart and soul of the Calgary Flames and he is coming of another stellar season in which he scored 35 goals along with 54 assists.  Boston’s Marc Savard had 25 goals and 63 assists to help make the Bruins the biggest money maker on the board last year.