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Hockey Wagering: Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Florida Panthers

Hockey wagering the day after Christmas includes the Lightning and Panthers in the Florida NHL wagering rivalry.

Hockey wagering handicappers have been happy with the profits of the Panthers.  The Lightning, on the other hand, have had virtually no NHL wagering appeal.  Tampa Bay has been a hockey wagering train wreck almost from the very get go this season, if not the summer, when they made the mistake of hiring Barry Melrose as coach.

Melrose didn’t last a month as he alienated the rest of the front office.  He didn’t win a lot of NHL wagering fans either, but neither has his replacement, Rick Tocchet.  Tampa Bay had an overall hockey wagering record of 7-15-3-6 and just 12-19 against the hockey odds.

From November 28 through December 18 Tampa Bay gave a vivid hockey wagering lesson on why they are one of the least appealing teams on the board as they got the cash just once in 10 games, losing whatever little respect was remaining with the NHL wagering community.

Tampa was an even 15-15-1 split on the over/under hockey wagering totals this year with a road mark of 9-7 over the total.  Vincent Lecavalier has been the Bolts leading scorer and many wonder how long he and fellow team star Martin St. Louis can stand to stay with this dysfunctional franchise.

The Florida Panthers have been something of a hockey wagering surprise so far in 2008-09.  Florida had a hockey wagering record of 14-13-2-2 straight up and 18-13 against the hockey odds.  The Panthers were in the middle of the pack of the Southeast Division standings.

Florida’s hockey wagering strength has been their defense, which was ranked 10th overall in the league.  As you might expect, a team with such a strong defense that was also ranked a weak 28th overall on offense would trend under the hockey wagering over/under board.

Florida had an overall over/under hockey wagering mark of 10-20-1 under the total including a home mark of 3-8-1 under the total.  Florida had a nice hockey wagering stretch from November 30 through December 18 when they got the cash in 6 out of 9 games.

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