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Hockey Wagering: San Jose Sharks vs. Edmonton Oilers

Hockey wagering Friday on San Jose and Edmonton is a great way to get the weekend started as this is an attractive Western Conference NHL wagering matchup.

Hockey wagering action on San Jose has not been what you might think while NHL wagering on the Oilers has been slightly in the red.  San Jose, one would think, would be one of the most dominating teams in hockey wagering but that has not been the case.

The Sharks had an overall hockey wagering record of a sensational 28-4-4-1 straight up but they were just 17-20 against the hockey lines.  When a hockey wagering commodity like San Jose can be operating in the red with such a great straight up record it should immediately send out NHL wagering warning signals to gamblers everywhere.

What this demonstrates is that the Sharks are one of the most consistently over-valued teams on the hockey wagering board and that a loss on San Jose has the hockey wagering effect of busting a bankroll for a long period of time because of the incredible expense it incurs.

The hockey wagering oddsmakers are, in effect, BEGGING gamblers to bet against the Sharks by adding considerable bargain values on San Jose’s opponents.  A great NHL wagering example of this would be San Jose’s December 27 loss at St. Louis in which the Sharks were a favorite of a staggering -$230!

San Jose ranked 5th overall on offense while ranking 2nd overall on defense and appeared to be one of the most balanced and best teams in the league and a certain Stanley Cup playoff contender.

The Edmonton Oilers have been something of a hockey wagering disappointment since their appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals three years ago.  Edmonton had an overall hockey wagering record of 17-16-1-2 straight up and was just 17-19 against the hockey lines.

Edmonton’s main hockey wagering liability was their 25th ranked defense.  The Oilers have continued to struggle over the past month as from December 11 through December 31 they got the cash in just 4 out of 10 games.

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