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Hockey Betting Tips at Sports Gambling

Hockey betting tips are interesting to consider because hockey is a money line sport like baseball and that means you must look for value.

And this happens because there are no pointspreads to even things out as you bet on hockey. There is a big difference in hockey betting during the regular season since the shootout came into play because there are no more ties. This means that value on the underdog is less because if a game goes to a shootout the better team usually wins in hockey betting.

Hockey betting in the regular season means that for road teams to pay off they must win the game. There are no more ties that can bail a road team out in hockey betting. Road victories are not easy to come by in any sport because home teams win more often than road teams.

The problem you have in taking the home team though is that the prices have gotten high in hockey betting. You routinely see -200 or more on home favorites during the hockey betting season and that includes Stanley Cup betting. It is hard to win when you are laying -200 or more every night when you bet on hockey.

Remember that just one loss at -200 means you have to win the next two games just to get even in your hockey betting. Road teams will win in hockey betting but they are not as valuable as they once were. You want to be getting a good price because the home teams still win more often than not in hockey.

A winning team as a small road favorite is an area to consider as you bet on hockey. Small road favorites can provide solid value potential against the hockey betting odds. If a team is favored on the road they are likely the better team and can overcome the home ice advantage.

Also keep in mind that hockey is often a game of streaks and if you can observe patterns you can pick up wins as you bet on hockey. You might be able to ride a team for a few games or go against a struggling team. That is just another hockey betting tip to consider.