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Hockey Bet: Atlanta Thrashers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Hockey bet action Tuesday includes the Eastern Conference game of Atlanta at Pittsburgh in what looks like a bet on hockey mismatch, at least at first glance.

Hockey bet value on the Atlanta Thrashers has been far better than you might expect while the Penguins have operated in red ink for their bet on hockey backers.  The Atlanta Thrashers had an overall hockey bet record of 13-21-5-0 straight up but were a profitable 22-17 against the hockey odds.

One of the main reasons for Atlanta's hockey bet board success is that they are such an unappealing team with the public that the oddsmakers will offer generous ADDED-value to entice hockey bet action the Thrashers way.

This ends up having the bet on hockey result of a big payoff when Atlanta wins and far outweighs the hockey bet losses that the Thrashers regularly incur.  Atlanta is a team suffering from ownership problems and seems to lack any coherent direction that would inspire confidence with the hockey bet community.

Atlanta has a good offense, which was ranked 12th overall in the NHL.  The Thrashers hockey bet liability is their defense, which was ranked 30th overall.

This bet on hockey combination of a good offense and bad defense has made Atlanta one of the top “over” team on the board this season as the Thrashers had an over/under hockey bet record of 26-12-1 over the total.  From December 16 through January 2 the Thrashers posted just 3 unders in 10 games!

The Pittsburgh Penguins have not played particularly well in the past month and certainly not up to the hockey bet expectations of the public.  Pittsburgh had an overall record of 19-15-1-3 straight up but just 17-21 against the hockey odds.

The Penguins suffer from the opposite hockey bet value equation of Atlanta in that Pittsburgh is one of the most popular teams with the public, which means that they are usually over-priced and carry less value than what they should.  The net result is that a loss on Pittsburgh is highly expensive and takes several wins to make up for.

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