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Bet On Hockey: St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

Bet on hockey Thursday, November 6 as the St. Louis Blues travel to San Jose to take on the Sharks.

Both teams got off to fine starts this hockey wagering season and the hockey odds should post San Jose as the favorite in this tilt between two up and coming teams that are respected by the experts that bet on hockey.

Hockey wagering often comes down to substance and value over image and those who bet on hockey will find plenty of substance in this matchup as the hockey odds will be set based on not only the performance so far this hockey wagering season of these two teams but also based on the high expectations that those who bet on hockey have for the teams as well.

Bet on hockey gamblers respect San Jose as one of the league’s better teams.  The hockey wagering odds often reflect this as San Jose will usually be a strong favorite at home as those who bet on hockey regularly can attest too.

San Jose started off with five straight home wins this hockey wagering season and if you bet on hockey you know that means inflated prices for their home games.  St. Louis has been an average road team thus far in the young season and those who bet on hockey respect the improvements that the Blues made in the off season.

Goaltender Manny Legace has been stellar between the pipes this far and is respected by those who bet on hockey as a difference maker.  Everyone that likes to bet on hockey respects the Blues leading goal scorer, Keith Tkachuk, who provides veteran leadership as well.

A bet on hockey fact check shows that St. Louis is WELL ABOVE the league average in goals per game at around three point six.  That is offset by a slightly above average defense.

St. Louis has been a popular over team with those who bet on hockey so far in the young season as they posted a recent streak of six overs in eight games against the hockey odds.  San Jose, conversely, is known as a tough stingy defensive minded team.

Those who bet on hockey like that goals against average of the Sharks that is well below two and a half and also prompts some “under” action from those who like to bet on hockey totals.

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