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NFL Football Gambling

NFL football betting with live football bets & odds. Football Betting bonuses up to 265% for NFL & Super Bowl betting.

The football betting pointspread is the way that the sportsbook tries to even out the betting action towards both sides. As an example, in the February 2008 Super Bowl, the NFL betting pointspread was New England -12.5 points.

Since New England was undefeated the football betting public was naturally gravitating their way so the pointspread was made rather large to entice an even amount of football bets the Giants way. New England would have had to have won the game by 13 or more points to cover the football betting spread.

The Giants won 17-14 to 'cover' the spread. Even if the Giants lost, they would have had to have lost by 13 points or MORE to lose the wager. For those who like to choose sides but don't like pointspread football bets there is the alternative of the money line.

Money line football betting is where you chose the straight up winner by laying or taking odds rather than points. Another highly popular form of football betting would be 'totals' also known as 'over/unders'.

In that aforementioned Super Bowl, the total posted on the board was 54.5, which meant that the combined score would have to exceed that number to go 'over'. The Giants 17-14 win combined for a total of 31, which went 'under' the total.

Types Of NFL Football Bets

A form of football betting that is exploding in popularity is 'halves'. This is where you can wager on the first or the second half of a game. Many gamblers love half time wagering as they can often get a bargain on the team that they originally wanted in comparison to the regular full game line.

'Futures' football betting is where you can wager on a team's odds to win the Super Bowl, their conference or even their division. You can also wager on the over/under for their total amount of wins for a season!

Proposition football gambling, known as 'props' is highly popular for the Super Bowl but other big games as well. You can wager on a player's total yards, scores, sacks, and countless other items. is your 50-yard line sky box for football action all year so be sure and join today!


Steelers Beat Bengals for AFC North Title

The Pittsburgh Steelers hosted the Cincinnati Bengals for the final game of the regular season. The game gave the Steelers the AFC North title and the right to host a playoff game. The Steelers were -3.5 favorites and took in a 27-17 victory.

It didn't take much for the Steelers to take in the momentum for the game as Antonio Brown had a 71-yard punt return for a touchdown after the Bengals' first possession. Brice McCain then intercepted a pass from Andy Dalton a few moments later. Dalton did tie the game up with a pass to Giovani Bernard.

Ravens Clinch a Playoff Spot With Win Over Browns

The Baltimore Ravens needed a win and a loss by San Diego to make the playoffs with the last AFC wild card spot. The Ravens beat the Cleveland Browns 20-10 right as the Chargers lost to Kansas City, thus bringing the 10-6 Ravens into the playoffs. Meanwhile, the 7-9 Browns ended the season with yet another quarterback.

Bengals and Chiefs Play for AFC North Title

The 10-4-1 Cincinnati Bengals and 10-5 Pittsburgh Steelers have both clinched spots in the playoffs. However, the big question is just who will start the playoffs at home. The winner of this game will be the outright winner of the AFC North and therefore get a home game for the first round.

This game will be held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The Steelers won their match with the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on December 7 by a score of 42-21.

Panthers and Falcons to Play for NFC South Title

The 6-8-1 Carolina Panthers and the 6-9 Atlanta Falcons are not the most appealing teams in the world but they are both going to be competing for the NFC South title this Sunday at the Georgia Dome. The winner will get the title and the fourth seed in the NFC playoffs. The Falcons have a -4 advantage and the over/under is listed at 47.5 points.

The Falcons beat the Panthers 19-17 on November 16 in Charlotte off of a late field goal by Matt Bryant. This came in spite of Cam Newton getting two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter.

Bengals Upset Broncos To Clinch Playoff Spot

While the Denver Broncos had already reached a playoff spot, they were hoping to try and gain the top seed in the AFC. The Cincinnati Bengals were just trying to get into the playoffs in their game against Denver. The Bengals wound up on the winning side of things. While the Broncos were clear -3.5 favorites to win, the Bengals went beyond expectations and clinched a playoff spot with a 37-28 win over the Broncos.

Seahawks Blow Out Cardinals, Keep Division Hopes Alive

The Seattle Seahawks got to a tie with the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC West with a 35-6 victory in Glendale. Both teams now hold 11-4 records with the Seahawks holding the advantage for the division with the better head-to-head record, what with the Hawks having beaten them twice this year.

Steelers Clinch Playoffs with Win Over Chiefs

The Pittsburgh Steelers clinched their first playoff spot in three years with a 20-12 win against the Kansas City Chiefs. However, whether or not the Steelers will get the AFC North title or a wild card will remain to be seen until next weekend. The Steelers were able to move past the -2.5 line for the game but they are hoping to get more than just a spot in the playoffs; they are hoping to attain a home game in the playoffs.

Chargers Catch Up On 49ers With Rivers Hurt

The San Diego Chargers were down for much of their game against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday. Still, the Chargers kept their playoff hopes alive with a 38-35 overtime win against the Niners even as San Francisco were -1 favorites. Even with this, there are concerns about the health of their star quarterback.

Eagles Fall To Redskins, Playoff Hopes on Life Support

While the Washington Redskins were far out of a playoff spot, they wanted to find a way to end the season strong in a match with the Philadelphia Eagles. This was even as the Eagles were -9 favorites in Landover. Even with all this, the Redskins still pulled out a 27-24 win.

Steelers and Chiefs Both In the Playoff Running

The 9-5 Pittsburgh Steelers are half a game behind Cincinnati for the AFC North title and hold a wild card spot. The 8-6 Kansas City Chiefs are out of the AFC West running but they are still one of three teams just one game out of the wild card picture. This game between the two will be do-or-die for the Chiefs while the Steelers will have a shot to possibly take the lead in their division depending on what the Bengals do.


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