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Winners and Losers in NFL Superbowl Odds at Sports Gambling

NFL Superbowl odds are among the most bet odds of the year.

What some people forget is that you can look at past Super Bowl odds and learn something. If you want to make money from past NFL Superbowl odds then you might want to consider betting against the winners and losers. NFL Superbowl odds can actually carry over to the next season.

You might make some decent money betting against Super Bowl teams the following year. When teams go against Super Bowl participants the following season they seem to have more incentive. The NFL Superbowl odds winners and losers are targeted nearly every game by the opposition.

They are also given extra line value by the oddsmaker and the public. Going against the NFL Superbowl odds winner the next season has produced winners of around 60% through the years. Going against the runner-up in the Super Bowl odds has been an even better bet.

The hangover effect of losing the Super Bowl has had a huge effect on those teams. Going against those Super Bowl odds winners and losers has really put you into the black. If you think about this NFL Superbowl odds theory it makes total sense. Super Bowl teams are going to be over-hyped and overvalued early in the following season.

Perhaps that hype will die down later on during the season but even then people still remember and you get extra value by going against these teams. It happens nearly every single season. It is so difficult in today’s parity driven NFL to get back to the Super Bowl.

The days of dynasties are over in the NFL and going against NFL Superbowl odds winners and losers is a good way to make money. What you also should remember with this system of NFL Superbowl odds winers and losers is that the earlier you start it the better.

The first few weeks are golden with this system as the NFL Superbowl odds teams are always overvalued. The public and the NFL Super Bowl odds makers give them too much credit based on the previous season.

Usually the NFL Superbowl odds winner is also basking in the glow of their win for a while and that means you can make money betting against them.

With the loser of the Super Bowl sometimes they have trouble getting started early in the year and you can make money betting against them as well. Betting against NFL Superbowl odds winners and losers from the previous season is a money maker.

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