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NFL Gambling Totaling Up at Sports Gambling

A way to get involved in NFL gambling that doesn’t get quite the attention of point spread sides is football gambling totals.

NFL gambling totals are where a gambler will wager on whether or not the combined score in a match up between two teams will go over or under the posted odds. For example, let's say that Indianapolis is playing Jacksonville and the NFL gambling total on the game is 40.

If you like the "over" you would need for more than 40 points to be scored in the game to win your NFL gambling wager. If you liked the under you would need less than 40 points. If the combined point total of the two teams ended exactly at 40 points then the game would be a push or a tie and all money would be refunded.

Although Football gambling totals are gaining in popularity and acceptance they are still far behind sides NFL gambling. You want to keep in mind that a ton of public money is wagered in the NFL and that includes totals.

Some of the professional players think that totals don’t get quite the action as sides, and they are correct, but the public still does bet Football gambling totals. One thing to keep in mind when looking at NFL gambling totals is that many factors are in play. Don’t overreact to any one NFL gambling factor.

Let’s say that a starting quarterback is injured and out for the game. Don’t automatically bet the under simply for that fact. You have to remember that the NFL gambling oddsmakers know all about injuries and set their lines accordingly.

Football betting advice is available from everyone but you don’t get nearly as many opinions on Football gambling totals. That may give you some opportunities to profit.

Also keep in mind that you can’t just automatically bet a total under in NFL gambling if the weather is bad. Many public bettors will automatically bet NFL gambling totals under when rain or snow is in the forecast.

That is almost always a mistake because the oddsmakers have already adjusted the total accordingly. Keep some of these things in mind as you look at odds this season.