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NFL Gambling Totals at Sports Gambling

You get value on NFL gambling totals because not as many people play them. This gambling on football season take a look at the totals.

NFL gambling totals do get bet; don’t misunderstand, but they do not get nearly the action that gambling on football sides get. The most popular NFL gambling totals are the ones for high profile Sunday night and Monday night games.

Those are the two most bet totals of the week.  When the odds are released where does the topic of conversation usually go?  It starts with talking about football gambling sides, not totals.  When it comes to NFL gambling odds there are a ton of strategies and theories as to how to pick winners.  It seems everyone has an opinion.

That is not the case with NFL gambling totals.  You don’t hear nearly as much about totals and that might be a good thing if you are betting them.  You don’t have nearly as much public money on NFL gambling totals and that means you don’t get brainwashed nearly as easy.

You should know that just because NFL gambling totals aren't as popular as sides, doesn't mean that they don't attract attention and play from gamblers. One of the more popular things that the public will do is bet bad weather games.  When rain or snow is involved the pubic inevitably bets totals under.

That is why oftentimes the games go over.  Nothing is as simple as it appears in gambling on football.  You have to remember that odds makers know the weather forecast too. The public also automatically thinks of betting over when two high scoring teams match up, failing to understand that the odds makers know that these teams can score and make NFL gambling totals accordingly.

The same thing is true for a match up of great defenses where the public bets the under. The public very often is not going to realize that the NFL gambling totals are made with the weather taken into consideration. As is the case with sides, the best way to play NFL gambling totals is by thinking outside what the public is thinking.