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NFL Football Team Listings

Football teams are the lifeblood of the NFL. Without top quality NFL teams the league and NFL betting would be in the dumpster.

Fortunately for football betting fans around the world the NFL teams are the best football team in the world and provide the best football betting in the world, week in and week out. Football team in the NFL also command a wide allegiance around the world.

It wasn’t that long ago that NFL football teams were not much known outside of the US. But with the expansion of the football’s profile on a global scale the NFL teams are now well known across the planet.

You can travel to London, Hong Kong, Mexico City or nearly anywhere else on the planet and see fans wearing the jersey of their favorite NFL betting team.

Many long time fans of the NFL betting never thought they’d see the day when the popularity of the league’s football teams reached a global presence but it has, and it will only continue to grow.