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Super Bowl Odds - Thompson Vindicated

Super Bowl odds handicappers have a newfound respect for Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson after the team that he built scored a Super Bowl betting championship on Sunday.
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Super Bowl odds were covered by the Pack in their thrilling 31-25 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers as Green Bay’s Super Bowl betting payout proved Thompson’s worth as a football man.

Thompson took over as general manager of the Packers in 2004 and that turned out to be one of the worst seasons in team history as they looked light years away from being the team last Sunday that got the ultimate Super Bowl gambling results.

Thompson fired coach Mike Sherman after that 2004 campaign and hired Mike McCarthy.  From there he methodically revamped the roster with younger talent but still had the Brett Favre issue to deal with.

After Favre quarterbacked the Pack to the NFC championship game in 2007 and threw a costly overtime interception that cost Green Bay the game, he decided to “retire” only to change his mind when the 2008 training camp opened.

Thompson and McCarthy had the nerve to tell Favre he would have to compete for the job with Aaron Rodgers and were not happy with his lack of participation in the Packers offseason program.  They finally worked out a trade that sent Favre to the Jets and Thompson took considerable heat for the move.  He isn’t any more.

Rodgers was Most Valuable Player of the game after Green Bay’s payout with the NFL Super Bowl odds and is a much more polished and efficient quarterback that Favre, and also brings less drama.  Thompson and McCarthy saw his potential, and went with it even when the public was vociferously against it.

Thompson also built phenomenal defense that was the difference with the Super Bowl Betting line.  McCarthy and Thompson also deserve credit for bringing in Dom Capers as defensive coordinator in 2009 as the unit was a sieve until then but ended up ranked 2nd in the NFL for points allowed this year while making a difference in all 4 post season games.

Thompson has also built a team to last and the Packers look as if they will be in prime contention with the Super Bowl odds for years to come.  Thompson has proven that his judgment is sound and must be trusted, even if it means breaking with Favre.