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Super Bowl Odds - Rodgers Equals Favre

Super Bowl odds handicappers are now acknowledging what was once unthinkable in that Aaron Rodgers is now being mentioned in the same status as Brett Favre.
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Super Bowl odds were beaten by Favre and the Green Bay Packers in 1996 but now Rodgers and his 2010 Pack have their own title after scoring a Super Bowl betting payout over Pittsburgh.

Favre was the legendary quarterback of the Packers that re-wrote the NFL passing record book before an ugly divorce with the team in 2008.  While Favre put up gaudy numbers and thrilled fans with his heroics on the field he also was known for tossing costly interceptions in big games that ultimately prevented Green Bay from achieving better and more consistent Super Bowl gambling results.

Rodgers performance in the 2010 playoffs was one of the most impressive in recent memory and the fact that he had to do it without a top shelf running game is further credit to his value as perhaps the best signal caller in the NFL.  Unlike Favre, Rodgers is much more of a soft spoken hard working quarterback that simply doesn’t make mistakes.

Rodgers could in fact end up being proven to be the greatest quarterback in Packers history along with the man that beat the NFL Super Bowl odds in the first two ever Super Sundays, Bart Starr.

Starr was the quarterback Super Bowl wins over Kansas City and Oakland and also won NFL Titles in the pre Super Bowl era in 1961, 1962, and 1965.  Favre never came close to that production but Rodgers has a shot if he can stay healthy.

Starr tends to be forgotten as time goes on but his efficiency and quiet leadership are comparable to how Rodgers operates and that has proven to be a highly effective way to beat the Super Bowl Betting line.

Rodgers will finally be accepted by the Packers worldwide fan base as legitimate now that he has a Super Bowl title and MVP award in the game.  With his lack of drama and diva antics and the respect that he commands from his teammates and coaches Rodgers may be back son with another shot at the Super Bowl odds and also with a shot to go down with Starr as the two greatest QB’s in Packer history.