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Super Bowl Odds - Momentum and Value Trump All

Super Bowl odds dynamics have seen a dramatic change from the past which was a far more stable and fundamental era of handicapping the NFL betting odds.
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Super Bowl odds handicappers now have to judge the recent momentum of a team like never before as the overall long term picture of a team’s entire season is not as relevant with the NFL betting odds.

The factor of momentum can be evaluated from many recent championship matchups including last year’s Super Bowl gambling game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints.

The Colts began the season strong as they won their first 14 regular season games and were in striking distance of having a shot at the 1972 Miami Dolphins perfect season.  But Colts coach Jim Caldwell decided to call off the effort as the Colts tanked their final two games as Caldwell rested starters and protected them from injury in order to make a Super Bowl run.

As a result the momentum that was built up by the Colts went bust as they were never the same team with the former winning edge that they had through the first three months of the season and they ended up as upset losers to the Saints in the Super Bowl.

The Arizona Cardinals from the preceding season were yet another team that had a momentum change with the football betting lines although in the very opposite way that Indianapolis experienced.

Arizona was a lightly regarded team that was considered the weakest among the playoff teams but they built momentum and ended up in the Super Bowl after winning at number one seed Carolina and against Philadelphia for the NFC title.

The Cardinals were still given no chance with Super Bowl picks as 7 point dogs against Pittsburgh in the championship game but they nearly won the game and covered the spread in a 27-23 Pittsburgh win that shows that the last few recent weeks tell a lot about a team’s chances on Super Sunday.

Handicappers are now looking at the NFL playoffs as much more of a crap shoot like the NCAA basketball tournament or NHL playoffs as the old methodology of beating the Super Bowl odds has changed dramatically and the NFL goal of parity is now fully realized with a change in post season dynamics that is felt today.