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Super Bowl Odds - Halves Can Lead to Whole Wins

Super Bowl odds opportunities for success and profits are many as there are a wide variety of ways to play the NFL betting odds and profit on Super Sunday.
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Super Bowl odds handicappers are becoming more and more intrigued with wagering on haves with the NFL betting odds as it provides some unique opportunities that can change value on a team.

Halves betting is where you take a team to win just one half of the Super Bowl gambling game, either the first half or the second half with the other half of the game having nothing to do with you wager.

For example if Sports Gambling had the Green Bay Packers as a -3 point favorite for the first half of the Super Bowl and at half time the Packers were winning 14-10 you would win the bet.

Let’s say that in that same game the Packers were -3 point favorites in the second half but were outscored 6-7 by the Pittsburgh Steelers for a final score of 20-17 in the Packers favor.  Although Green Bay won the game they failed to cover the spread in the second half so you would lose the bet.  In addition to sides wagering you can also bet on over under for each half.

One of the most attractive features of betting on halves with the football betting lines is that sharp handicappers will often sit the first half of a game out and see if they can improve on the price for the team that they originally wanted in the first place.

Let’s say that Green Bay, who opened as a 2.5 point favorite for the game at Sports-Gambling, was trailing 14-3 at the half against Pittsburgh and that the halftime line was Green Bay -8 on the second half.

Gamblers wanting to take the Packers with their Super Bowl picks would now, in essence, be getting a bargain because even if Green Bay covers the 8 point second half line they could still lose the original full game line where they were favored by the 2.5 points.

If Green Bay won the second half 20-10 they would lose the game with a final score of 24-23 in favor of Pittsburgh as they Packers would fail to cover the Super Bowl odds even though they did win the second half bet.