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Super Bowl Odds - Greatest Coaches

Super Bowl odds handicappers can learn great lessons from studying the legendary coaches that have led their teams to victory and glory with the Super Bowl betting odds.
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Super Bowl odds bettors have seen the importance of a great coach all the way back to the very beginning when Vince Lombardi and Hank Stram matched wits with the Super Bowl betting odds.

Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers defeated Stram’s Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in Super Bowl I and Lombardi went on to a repeat title the following year in an easy payout over the Oakland Raiders.  The Super Bowl trophy was named for Lombardi shortly after his death in 1970.

As for Stram he became immortalized for being wired for sound recording in Super Bowl IV as he led his Chiefs to a dominating 23-7 payout over the Minnesota Vikings as 13 point dogs.  Stram was the first great innovator to win the Super Bowl as Lombardi was perhaps the most fundamental coach to ever walk the sidelines on Super Sunday.

Despite their differences both coaches were wildly successful and Hall of Famers.

Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys was of the Stram mode in that he was an innovator that would create a wide variety of formations and sets with beautifully designed plays.

Chuck Noll led the Pittsburgh Steelers to a total of four Super Bowl gambling game wins as the Men of Steel were the first dynasty of the modern era.  Noll was more of a Lombardi type in that the Steelers had a rock ribbed defense and sound running game and were near flawless on fundamentals.

Bill Walsh was another legendary innovator as coach of the San Francisco 49ers as his West Coast Offense revolutionized football and made the Niners a premier Super Bowl gambling commodity for the 1980’s and 90’s.

In recent years there has been no better coach than Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots.  Belichick has done what was considered to be impossible in this modern era of the salary cap and free agency as he has built a consistent contender with the Super Bowl odds despite an ever changing roster and parity at its peak.

Belichick is a great defensive mind that has evolved into building the most complete system in the sport and is a manager that is being copied throughout the league.