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Superbowl Odds Options at Sports Gambling

Superbowl odds betting is not limited to the point spread. There are some other Superbowl betting alternatives that might be better suited for you.

Superbowl odds are posted in many different forms and offer Superbowl betting alternatives for every type of gambler.  The money line Superbowl odds are perfect for the gambler that wants to bet on the straight up winner but not have to worry about laying points.

The money line Superbowl odds are like betting baseball, boxing, or hockey as gamblers lay or take odds rather than points.

The money line Superbowl odds would have been the perfect way to bet the New England Patriots in New England’s back-to-back championship wins over the Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles as the Patriots did not cover the point spread Superbowl odds either time while winning straight up.

The Superbowl betting money line is also a great way to cash in on a big underdog such as the Patriots over the Rams or last year when the Giants upset the Patriots as major underdogs.  Futures Superbowl odds are posted right after the Superbowl for the next season and remain listed all the way to game day for the next Superbowl.

That means that you can bet on which team or teams you think can win the Superbowl throughout the season.  Since the futures Superbowl odds will fluctuate and change you can often pick off different or better values against the Superbowl odds.

Beyond that if the team that you chose in the summer didn’t make the playoffs, (like this year’s Dallas Cowboys), you can pick a new team to take for futures Superbowl odds in the playoffs.  The over/under Superbowl betting number, also known as the “total” is a great alternative that many gamblers like to take advantage of.

Lately the Superbowl has trended under as the Superbowl odds number has been high due to the hype regarding the game, which is most often based on the offensive reputation of the teams involved.  Since the Superbowl hype machine is focused on which team will win, the over/under equation often gets little attention and holds a better value.

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